About Us

Compelling. Authentic. Cinematic.

Every business, organization, and individual has a story worth telling but telling that story in way that is compelling, authentic and cinematic is a craft – this is where we come in.
At the Motion Picture Brewery we’re craftsman at the art of visual storytelling.

As storytellers we focus on the people behind the story. We believe finding the true authenticity of what makes people tick is what makes stories compelling and engaging. And we take what makes people passionate about their story and make it cinematic, resonating with hearts and taking hold of imaginations. It’s how we set our films apart from the existing sea of cacophony.

It’s what it means to be cinematic – to craft your passion into a story that can be told visually, so your audience can experience and share your passion for your business, your product, your idea – your vision.

A Uniquely Individualized Approach

We take an individualized approach to telling each client’s story and it starts by getting to know you and your story. We wear a lot of hats to accomplish this: we’re great listeners, big dreamers, meticulous planners, and shrewd wranglers.

Our experience spans screenwriting, design, directing, cinematography, editing, publicity, and marketing. What you get is an individualized and holistic approach to telling your story on film that is as authentic as it is well-positioned to help you conquer your market.

Whether you have a story to tell about yourself, something you’ve built, something you care deeply about, or something you’ve imagined, we’ll help you bring it to cinematic life. The first step is just a casual chat, we’d love to hear your story.

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